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Special Care Services

LIPS MOVING excells in special care.  We offer many special care services including custom built crating (see our PACKING SERVICE page).  Each of our truck and 48' trailers has a full complement of blankets and shrink wrap.  We shrink wrap many items including dressers, which we quite often move full, as this saves the customer a lot of work in packing and unpacking and re-loading dressers.  Shrink wrapping keeps drawers from opening up.  Got a large jewelry box?  We shrink wrap the item and then get our customers to sign their name in felt marker across the front.  Items like these are tempting to other workers who may be in your house or even passer-bys walking down the street.  It's our job to give you moving piece of mind.  You'll rest assured then that your belongings have been undisturbed.
Got leather furniture? The problem with leather furniture is the blankets slide off if not held on somehow.  So, we blanket your leather in your house, then shrink wrap the blankets to the items for maximum protection before moving it to the truck.   With a lot of larger furniture today, we have to squeeze it through doorways, especially in older homes with smaller doors.  This extra protection assures you won't get any scuff marks.
Our LIPS floor runners are very popular.  Customers like the care we provide their flooring.  A customer, that we moved some years back, built a new house and had no driveway or lawn yet, only dirt.  The day we moved him it poured rain all day.  He had wooden bannisters and snow white carpeting.  When we left at the end of the day, there wasn't one mark on anything.  Our runners and bannister covers protected everything. We even power wash the floors of our truck with a hot water power washer.  Our custom built blanket riser boxes (built in our own wood shop) keep the blankets from getting wet.  We don't even have to move them off the truck!
We also use door jamb pads for your front door to protect both furniture passing and the jamb itself.

Moving your business?

We specialize in office moving and we can custom build dollies in our wood shop to move your large office desks or specialized equipment. We screw our custom projects together, so when we're finished, we can dissamble our dollies and use the parts for other specialized applications.

There's a question we're asked often.  "Do you move pianos?"  The answer is "yes".  In our wood shop we've built our own piano skids.  We have several different sizes to fit just about every piano there is.  We also make our own dollies to make moving your piano easier and safer.  As with leather, we blanket, then shrink wrap all our pianos.  This is more important with baby grands than uprights, as a baby grand is kidney shaped and the blankets tend to slide off.  Shrink wrapping assures the blankets stay put and protect as they should.  We've moved pianos over $50,000.






Sarnia Movers

Sarnia Movers

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